Located on Level 2


WestsideHQ Dining offers an extensive lunch and dinner menu with something to suit all tastes.  Lunch is available from 11:30am to 2:30pm and dinner from 5:30pm – 9:00pm, daily.  Coffee, cake and our cabinet selections are also available at any time.


As of August 2021, our downstairs dining space will be undergoing some renovations.  Meals will still be available during this time,  and our chefs will be working out of our upstairs function kitchen.


Cakeage terms:


Some customers ask to bring in a special cake of their own for a birthday party or other celebration. We allow our guests to bring in a store bought cake (sorry no home-made cakes) if they also purchase beverages from our menu or consume a meal.  We will charge a modest ‘plating fee’, or ‘cakeage’ of $6.00 per table.  A cakeage fee is standard practice for restaurants that sell cake but also allow a birthday cake to be brought in.  The charge includes the restaurant space itself, plates, silverware, clean-up, staff time, and loss of selling our own products. We do not allow the use of paper plates and plastic ware on location.  As an alternative, we sell cake by the slice at $6.50 for members.