Mike Winkworth

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Mike Winkworth is a dynamic and versatile entertainer who started his music career touring the club circuit in Sydney performing support spots for major artists. Giving up music for a number of years to pursue a career in Social Work, Mike returned to the stage after forming a duo called “The Hounddogs” with keyboard player Aaron Beasley. The duo was so popular that Mike started performing on a full time basis again.


Due to the influence of his parents  Mike grew up loving Rock n Roll, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard and listening to Boogie Woogie, legendary African/American Gospel singers such as Mahalia Jackson and Country Music. While Mike would have one of the best Rock n Roll voices this country has produced he also loves ballads and was instantly drawn to the hauntingly beautiful voice and lyrics of Roy Orbison. Mike found that due to the particular timbre in his voice and close to a three octave vocal range, he naturally sounded like Roy Orbison when performing Roy’s songs. Similarly, he is able to produce enough fullness and depth in his voice to sound like Elvis. “A rare ability as they sound so different to each other.”


Although Mike has performed Roy and Elvis in a number of his other shows; “Rockin’ the Country,” “The Legends of Rock n Roll” etc. he wanted to bring the two  greatest and most enduring voices in recorded history together in one huge show and has called it: “THE TWO KINGS” ‘THE ULTIMATE ROY ORBISON AND ELVIS PRESLEY EXPERIENCE’.


Mike Winkworth delivers this show with all the power, excitement and raw energy of Elvis and the beautiful sawing highs of Roy Orbison through his own remarkable ability as a performer. Mike maintains his own integrity while delivering a riveting and spell binding Roy and Elvis experience always leaving the audience wanting MORE and MORE.